New York in the Spring

I had the opportunity to visit New York a while ago, and spent a week, camera in hand exploring the delights of lower Manhattan and Central Park to name but a few.
The weather was gloriously sunny and with −10temperatures the light was simply perfect.
It was a week spent marvelling at the architecture, art and galleries, with only a brief visit to Fifth Avenue to gaze in the shops.

The scenery is stunning and it is the perfect time to visit the city, as long as you can take the freezing temperatures..
Lower Manhattan in the snow was beautiful, as was Bryant Park,
New York on a budget is still possible, and a subway pass is a must - the perfect way to get around.  The Staten Island Ferry is a wonderful way to get a view of the Manhatton skyline, and you also get a good view of the Statue of Liberty. We opted to walk back to lower Manhatton over the Brooklyn Bridge. an amazing experience.

  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Central Park, New York

Bow Bridge, Central Park

View of the Empire State and Manhatton from the Rockefeller Centre 
(Top of the Rock)

Ground Zero, New York

Ground Zero when work had commenced on the rebuilding, it was an emotional revisit, having toured the twin towers the year before 9/11.

New York at night..

Night photography is a must in Manhattan, there is so much light and noise and movement that you cannot fail to get great images...

 Trinity Church, the oldest Church in New York

This is  looking back to the church  from Wall Street, it is dominated by the sky scrapers.

 Brooklyn Bridge

A ferry ride across to Stanton Island and a walk back across Brooklyn Bridge is a must
It is an amazing structure and the views back to lower Manhattan are iconic

View over Manhattan from the Empire State Building

You are not allowed to take tripods into the Empire State Building, space at the top is at a premium so this was taken with the camera propped on a wall


  1. Amazing photographs, brings back so many great memories of learning about photography and taking in the city, would love to go back one day x

  2. We should, it was a magical week...x