Snettisham Beach and Sunset..

Snettisham Beach is a wonderful place where the sailing club has its base, and there is also a nature reserve and small collection of beach houses.

  Groins at Snettisham Beach

Red Boat

Snettisham Beach

A walk along the beach is a favourite  pastime

This is one place to witness two of the UK's great wildlife spectacles. On big tides, as water covers the vast mudflats of the Wash, tens of thousands of wading birds are pushed off their feeding grounds and onto the roost banks and islands in front of the RSPB hides.

 In mid winter, a dawn or dusk visit rewards you with the sight of thousands of pink footed geese flying to or from the overnight roosts. 

Large numbers of common terns and black headed gulls nest on the reserve in summer, when there is spectacular display of shingle flowers.

Snettisham Nature Reserve

The sailing club has its base here at Snettisham

Snettisham beach sailing sailing club was formed in 1939 and is a very friendly, informal club, the main objective of the club is to actively promote the sport of sailing.  The club has a large number of junior members who can learn to sail on inland water formed from flooded gravel pits which provide  a safe environment in which to begin sailing and are just opposite the beach.

Sailing into the evening.

Snettisham Beach

The setting sun..


My very dear friend has a beach home here, and her children and husband are all accomplished sailors, I am lucky enough to be staying here in the summer to look after her animals while they are all away on the south coast sailing.
It is a wonderful area of Norfolk with something for everyone, the beach and sea offers excellent sailing and walking, the gravel pits offer the opportunity to sail canoes and small boats in a relatively safe environment. The nature reserve offers a wonderful view of nature at its best... 

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  1. The sunset you have captured is beautiful.. such a lovely place to go for a walk