05th October 2013. Glendurgan Gardens

AGlendurgan Gardens is a National Trust Garden which is situated above the Hamlet of Durgan on the River Helford.
Originally the house and gardens belonged to Alfred Fox who designed the gardens in the 1820’s, the garden is known for its maze, which was created out of Cherry Laurel in 1833. (Wikipedia.org). 

The gardens are sub tropical with giant Rhubarb plants and stretches down 3 valleys to the Helford River. The National Trust acquired the gardens in 1962 when Cuthbert and Philip Fox gave it to them., the house however, remains a private dwelling.

 Rhexia Mariana (White Meadow Beauty)

The gardens are very beautiful and tranquil,  the sub tropical specimens are in abundance, the climate here in Cornwall is much warmer than in Norfolk.

Agave Americana

I was drawn to the colour, shape and texture of the plants with the light filtering down through the trees.

The monkey puzzel tree (Araucaria Araucana)

The gardens meander down through the valley to the Hamlet of Durgan, which sits on the River Helford.
It affords stunning views out to sea, the cove is small and shingly, and is the ideal place to launch a kayak to go exploring.. 

The River Helford 

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