Golitha Falls

23rd November 2013

Golitha falls a National Nature Reserve, is a steeply sided wooded valley with the River Fowey flowing through it in a series of spectacular cascades (www.naturalengland.org.uk).  It consists of 18 hectares of ancient woodland and woodland flora and is a designated SSSI. The River Fowey contributes to this dramatic landscape making it an area of outstanding natural beauty (ANOB). 

The woodland has over 48 species of lichen, and is one of Cornwall’s richest valleys for bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) with over 120 species found here.

The ancient hazel coppice is home to dormice; the river supports salmon and sea trout, while otters can often be found exploring the falls. Woodland flowers include bluebells and wood anemone.

Parts of the ancient woodland are recorded in the Doomsday book (1086)
Wildlife found here include; Dipper, nuthatch, treecreeper and pied flycatcher in the spring, In the summer over 83 species of butterfly can be found including; meadow brown, marbled white, gatekeeper, green veined white, small skipper, ringlet, speckled wood and silver washed fritillary. In the autumn dormice can be found getting ready for winter hibernation. (information taken from www.naturalengland.org.uk).

I had been expecting the 90m falls to be a fall in height and was looking for a spectacular waterfall, however the 90m refers to the length of the falls which are a series of cascades meandering through the ancient woodland. I think the falls will be much more spectacular as the winter progresses and the water becomes more of a raging torrent than a trickling stream.

I wanted to try out slow shutter speeds to see the effects on the water.

For this image I used a slower shutter speed with a more creative composition,using the dead tree as a lead in line to the image.

I wanted to take some images for my Perspective assignment, using the fungi as a subject. I took the tree fungi with a 100mm macro lens and used a reflector to lift the underside of the fungi.

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